Best of L.A. – 10 Best Sandwiches in Los Angeles

by LA Weekly, February 23, 2012

9. Banh Mi at The Spice Table
In the evening, The Spice Table is all laksa and marrow bones, a Southeast Asian bistro that also spins a global menu of culinary hits. In the daytime, it’s a casual lunch spot with bowls of curry chicken, cheeseburgers and bánh mì ($7-$9). The cold-cut bánh mì is the classic choice. Smeared with a mellow pâté and piled with thin, cool layers of housemade charcuterie (sounds better than “head cheese,” doesn’t it?), it’s cradled in chewy French bread. It’s not the ubiquitous bánh mì of Orange County and the San Gabriel Valley. Lighter and cleaner, it’s an ideal lunch.
The Spice Table: 114 S. Central Ave., L.A.