Dinner Menu (subject to change)

Smaller Share Plates

    • Peanuts & fried baby anchovies (wok-fried peanuts, soy, spiced sugar)
    • Gem lettuce (herbs, citrus)
    • Grilled beef salad (hanger steak, watercress, herbs, cucumber, peanuts, shrimp chips)
    • Grilled eggplant (chile sauce)
    • Grilled bok choy (mushrooms, oyster sauce)
    • Fried cauliflower (fish sauce)
    • Creamed kale (house-made paneer, grilled pork belly)
    • Grilled Chinese broccoli (carmelized fish sauce)
    • Sambal fried potatoes
    • Kaya toast (coconut jam, buttered toast, slow cooked egg, soy sauce, white pepper)
    • Raw yellowtail (scallions, sesame, chilies, fried ginger, fried shallots)
    • Jellyfish salad (shredded chicken, crispy rice, green leaf lettuce, sesame-bacon dressing)
    • Grilled scallops (sambal, chives, lime)
    • Black pepper crab toast (black pepper, crab tomalley, oyster sauce, butter)
    • Cereal prawns (chiles, curry leaves, hazelnuts)
    • Market fish (yellow curry custard)
    • Spicy chicken livers & toast
    • Grilled bone marrow (prawn sambal)
    • Spareribs (Vietnamese caramel sauce, fried shallots)
    • Grilled pig’s tail (lettuce, herbs, fish sauce)
    • Grilled beef ribs (pineapple-anchovy sauce, sawtooth herb, lettuce)
    • Singaporean “carrot cake” (crispy daikon cake, egg, preserved turnips, bean sprouts)


      • Chicken (lemongrass, ginger, shallots)
      • Beef (tamarind, coriander, cinnamon)
      • Lamb belly (cumin, galangal, turmeric)
      • Tripe (soy, palm sugar, garlic)

Larger Share Plates

      • Beef Rendang (short rib curry, steamed rice, sambal, kaffir lime, peanuts)
      • Crispy quail (stuffed with rice, salted duck egg yolk, red beans, mushrooms)
      • Grilled flattened chicken (honey, lemongrass, garlic mashed potatoes, ode to Campanile)
      • Duck rice (ground duck, mushrooms, Asian basil, crackling, steamed rice)
      • Fried chicken (prawn paste, peanut sambal)
      • Grilled rib eye (9 oz., garlic crab fries)
      • The Spice Table cheeseburger (ground short rib, sambal, shallot mayo, Kraft American cheese, fries)
      • Laksa (rice noodles, laksa leaf, spicy coconut-seafood gravy)
      • Kon loh mee (egg noodles, choy sum, ground pork, pork belly char siu)
      • Char kway teow (flat rice noodles, Manila clams, pork, bean sprouts, egg)
      • Crab bee hoon (thin rice noodles, dungeness & blue crab, pea sprouts, chiles)


      • “Nai-cha” (milk tea) soft-serve ice cream
      • Spiced cognac soft-serve ice cream
      • Kaffir lime custard (lychee cream)